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1950 Stack vs Atkins
1909 Opera House
1969 Brower vs The Assassin
1942 Flanagan vs Gotch
Some 1929 added to Results

Welcome to Oshawa Wrestling History. Wrestler Pat Milosh took over the promotion in 1947 and promoted in tandem with Frank Tunney until 1983 and for several years after as the local promoter for WWF.

Oshawa, like many of the smaller promotions in Ontario mostly ran through the summer months, generally from May to Sept. As hockey occupied the arenas through the winter months, the Wrestling cards would start up as soon as the ice was up, depending on when the local team was done.

Mr Milosh would end up being one of the longest running promoters in the country, and likely one of the youngest when he took over the territory at the young age of 21.

This site is the result of many hours spent at the Oshawa library sourcing the clippings and results and a tribute to Pat Milosh and Oshawa Wrestling History, in the coming months the site will be expanded so please enjoy !

Andrew - Oshawa, ON 2011

Like the MLWP this site will focus on the pre 1984 material but we will also feature items past the NWA cut-off in addition to Wildman shows from Oshawa, Whitby, etc

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Special Thanks to the Alex Milosh Family
for their support in this project

Thanks to Roger Baker for his Photo contributions
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