-1929 Armories Show - First Pro Card

Card Date 29/10/17 Oshawa, ON Armories
Stanislaus Zbyszko W Archie Jeanuette 2/3
Renato Gardini W Charlie Manogan
Cowboy Rogers D Wild Irish McCarr

A recount of the first Pro Wrestling card held in Oshawa Oct 17 1929
Toronto had started weekly shows in May of 1929 and appears Oshawa was to follow.
Though it doesn't say it was likely set up through Toronto promoter Ivan Mickailoff.

Jack Forbes, the referee was a long time ref in Toronto after a noteworthy amateur career.
When he died in 1953 it said he had reffed more than 7,000 bouts for Mickailoff, Jack Corcoran, and Frank Tunney.


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