-1953 Attendance

While wrestling attendance figures can be less than reliable, the Oshawa
papers look to have reported the figures fairly accurately over the years.

Promoter Pat Milosh would come into his own in the 1950's with 1953
being a banner year for the promotion, highlighted by a feud between British Empire
Champion Whipper Watson and foe The Great Togo.

Even with ticket prices increasing 25c for Ringside and General Admission
the fans would help to make Wrestling the most popular sport in Oshawa.

'Usual' attendance in Oshawa was 500-1,500 in previous years with a spike when
stars like Watson, Lou Thesz, or Jack Dempsey would appear -into the 2,000 range

1953 would see over 25,000 fans attend over the 10 cards where attendance was reported
Other card reports listed 'Good crowd', 'Legions of fans' etc.


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