-1953 Whipper vs Togo

Not the image normally associated with the perennial 'good guy' Whipper Watson.
During his feud with The Great Togo in Oshawa in 1953 Whipper let his emotions get the better
of him and attacks Togo with a chair 'cutting him for 11 stitches'.

The feud helps revitalize Oshawa Wrestling setting attendance records with a high of
3500+ to see the third bout in the series on July.

The match-up was so popular they came back in August for a 2 card series

In an interview in 1985 Pat Milosh mentions this feud as a highlight of his 38 years
running the promotion describing the atmosphere as 'so hot you could hardly breathe'.

See also 1953 Pat & Togo

53/06/23 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
B-E Title: Whipper Watson D The Great Togo
*Ref calls a draw, Watson goes berserk and hits Togo with a chair

53/07/07 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena (Att: 3000 * Largest crowd to date in Oshawa)
The Great Togo W/DQ Whipper Watson

53/07/14 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena (Att: 3527 * Largest crowd to date in Oshawa)
Whipper Watson W The Great Togo

53/08/18 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena
Whipper Watson W The Great Togo

53/08/25 Oshawa, ON Oshawa Arena (Att; 3000)
Whipper Watson W/COR The Great Togo


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