-1967 Pat Milosh and Fabulous Moolah

Many Thanks! to MLG Photographer Roger Baker for sending this photo
of Oshawa Promoter Pat Milosh and Fabulous Moolah at the Hot Stove
Lounge at MLG in June? 1967.

Moolah was booked into Oshawa in July '67 in a judo exhibition
vs Joyce Grable but didn't make it. She is also pictured in
a 1973 ad but no results were posted

Mr Baker also shared this memory of Mr Milosh
"I covered some wrestling shows, that were promoted
by Pat Milosh back in the mid, to late sixties.

Pat made me feel at home, he was a super guy, and I
think back with fond memories, all those years ago, when
after a show, he invited me over to his home, for some socializing
and even wrote in longhand, an account of that nights show.

Pat told me that he was going to submit it to the
local paper the next morning. Pats next door neighbor
was also his ringside announcer."

Some of Roger Bakers work is featured at Slam Wrestling - Roger Baker - check it out!
Thanks again To Mr Baker for sharing some great shots with this site !


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