-1967 Women

Card Date 67/07/25 Oshawa, ON Civic Auditorium
Betty Boucher (sub for Fabulous Moolah) vs Joyce Grable
(Judo Exhibition)
Sweet Daddy Siki D The Assassin
Fred Atkins/Tiger Jeet Singh D Whipper Watson/Lorenzo Parente

The first appearance of the ladies in Oshawa sees feature star
The Fabulous Moolah miss the card to be replaced by Betty Boucher

The Women were not allowed to wrestle within Ontario so they bill it as
a Judo Exhibition. Moolah and Grable had the same bout at MLG in June of this year and the
rule was later changed allowing Moolah to defend her Womens Title at MLG in 1971.

Oshawa would see another 'Judo Exhibition' in 1969 with Lucille Dupre vs Linda Klein
and in 1973 the women return in some regular appearances in wrestling bouts

The Roger Baker pic above with Milosh and Moolah is in it's original form
on its own page at Milosh & Moolah


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