-1971 TV Lineup

The Saturday Wrestling lineup from June 25 1971 shows a full
day with various shows presented.

Thanks to MLWP friend Michael Cannon for the info below!

"Ok, to the best of my memory which in this case is probably pretty good:

12:30 Channel 2
This was Buffalo - and therefore the NWF Martinez promotion with
Waldo Von Erich, Johnny Powers & Eric the Red as the main stars. Likely taped in Cleveland.

1:00 Channel 3
This was the Barrie channel and therefore Calgary Stampede wrestling with Stu Hart.
Archie Gouldie "The Stomper" was the main star.
In the pre cable days, this station was almost impossible to get.

1:00 Channel 11 CHCH TV in Hamilton
This was NWA MLW Tunney. The Sheik, Tiger Jeet Singh,
Haystacks Calhoun, the Fabulous Kangaroos, the Love Brothers, etc.

3:30 CFTO TV Toronto
Sandor Kovacs Vancouver with Gene Kiniski, Big John Quinn,
John Tolos, Eric Froelich, etc.

9:30 Channel 11
Another MLW Tunney show. IIRC in 1971 the 1:00pm afternoon was the
more current show. In 1974-77 the 1:00 show disappeared and thus the 9:30pm show was
the current show. It kinda sucked in the winter cos it was head to head with the Leafs."

Thank you Michael !


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