-1975 Dewey The Crusader

Card Date 75/09/14 Oshawa, ON Civic Auditorium
The Sheik DCOR Athol Layton
Billy Red Lyons/Dewey Robertson (The Crusaders) W Raoul/Fidel Castillo
Honeygirl Paige/Princess Little Dove W Diamond Lil/Marie LaVeau
Edouard Carpentier W/DQ Chris Tolos
Gino Brito W Don Kent

There are not a lot of pics of Dewey Robertson or Billy Red Lyons as the Crusaders with their
International Tag Title Belts. This one has Dewey posing before an Oshawa card in 1975.

They would be alternately billed under their own names as well as the
Crusaders moniker and continue as a team until 1980


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