-1986 Red Barn

The Red Barn Auditorium in Oshawa, ON is a typical hall
that Dave 'Wildman' McKigney would inhabit during his constant tours through
the towns across Ontario. While Pat Milosh would present the stars of Frank Tunney's
promotion over at the Oshawa Civic Auditorium, McKigney would book the small halls
and arenas for his crew of indy stars.

Originally built in the 30's, during the 1950's The Red Barn was a
hot spot for Country stars such as Johnny Cash & Ernest Tubbs.
In 1973 kids playing with fireworks on the May 24 weekend burnt the Barn to the ground.
The hall was rebuilt in 1974 and would go on to host Wrestling and other events up until
its conversion to a Bingo Hall in 1991.

Stepping into The Red Barn in 2009 you could still feel the excitement of
the small town wrestling shows, could almost imagine The Sheik and The Wildman and the crew
of giants, midgets, and bears making their way out to the ring for another night of non-stop
action & excitement. The Lady at the door asked if I wanted to play but bingo is a long way
from the Wildman's shows, maybe in a few years.

Ad 2009

Thanks to Todd Cummer for the poster ad from 1986
an unusual winter show for McKigney


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