-1982 Kernodle Nelson article

Card date 82/05/18 Oshawa, ON Civic Auditorium
Johnny Weaver/Billy Red Lyons W/DQ Don Kernodle/Jim Nelson
Angelo Mosca W/COR John Studd
Tony Parisi W Tarzan Tyler
Kelly Kiniski W Tim Horner
Keith Larson W Tito Senza

While the writer takes a shot at Weaver and Red Lyons ages
those two would have made a fine tag team a few years prior.

The comment on Tyler is accurate, he was well past his prime here
and unlike Weaver and Lyons was not putting on a great match any longer
His bout at MLG in Apr '82 as John Studd's mystery opponent
for Angelo Mosca was a letdown for a much anticipated angle.


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