-Unmaskings in Oshawa

There is an excellent resource on Gary Will's TWH -Unmasked In Toronto!
of all the wrestlers that were unmasked in the Toronto ring.

Oshawa had a couple too, both taking place during the early years of the promotion.

On Aug 23 1949 Bowmanville favorite Billy Stack beat The Red Demon and unmasked him
after the bout as George 'Red' O'Malley. O'Malley was also active in Toronto at this time
but would never again return to Oshawa.

Sept 2 1950 would see a Mask vs Mask bout between The Masked Marvel and The Unknown.
They had been tag partners until a falling out on the previous card during a tag bout
vs Ray Villmer and Pat Flanagan

The Masked Marvel -above- would win and unmask The Unknown as Abe Zvonkin
This version of the Marvel may have been Lou Newman who is on Gary's list
himself being unmasked in 1951 at MLG by another masked grappler - The Zebra


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